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This page describes C-V2X basics including its features in 5G. The combination of V2V,V2P,V2I and V2N is known as V2X. C-V2X is short form of Cellular to Everything which covers V2V,V2P,V2I and V2N.

What is C-V2X:
As mentioned C-V2X stands for Cellular Vehicle to Everything. It refers to network which combines features of V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) and V2N (Vehicle to Network). Figure-1 depicts the same.

C-V2X technology

It fulfills our vision to create autonomous vehicle and safer autonomous driving. Latest wireless standard 5G release 14 and beyond makes C-V2X a reality in todays world.

Following are the features introduced by C-V2X.
➨Non Line of Sight Sensing i.e. it provides 3600 NLOS awareness
Use cases: Road intersection, Blind intersection, environmental conditions e.g. rain, fog etc.
➨It provides high level of predictability based on installed sensors.
Use cases: alert for sudden lane change or any other road hazards
➨Offers safety alerts as per situational awareness
Use cases: conditions such as reduced speed, queue warning etc.

Following table-1 mentions standard evolution in C-V2X technology.

C-V2X features standard release
Basic Safety 802.11p/C-V2X R14
Enhanced safety C-V2X R14
Advanced safety C-V2X R15+ (as per R14)

C-V2X transmission modes

C-V2X network

5G enables safer and autonomous driving. Following table-2 summarizes C-V2X transmission modes.

Transmission modes Description
Direct Communication defined for V2V, V2I and V2P as per PC5 interface in ITS band i.e. 5.9 GHz
Network Communication defined for V2N as per Uu interface

C-V2X makes use of upper layer protocols published by automotive industry. Following safety features are covered by C-V2X:
• Ultra low latency
• enTV e.g. shared broadcast
• eNB-IoT
• eLAA
• Enhancements e.g. FD-MIMO


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