What is WiGig? OR WLAN-ad Brief

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IEEE WLAN 802.11-ad is 802.11 family of standard for WLAN ( Wireless Local Area Networks) It has following features compare to its previous WLAN standard devices operating in 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands.

WiGig is the name given by IEEE engineers and Wireless Gigabit Alliance for marketing reasons for products as per IEEE 802.11ad standard. This standard based devices operates in 60 GHz band and hence it is often referred as microwave wifi.

This standard is developed for very high speed throughput at shorter distances. This is evident as path loss is higher at this high microwave frequency. There are 4 channels supported in this WiGig standard. They are 58.32 GHz, 60.48 GHz, 62.64 GHz and 64.80 GHz. All the channels support 2.16 GHz wide bandwidth to provide higher data rate. Different regions support different radio frequency allocations for WiGig based devices.

Various Physical layer configurations are supported in IEEE 802.11ad standard. Hence various modulation and coding techniques are available based on channels of use. The physical layer configurations are control PHY, single carrier PHY, Low power single carrier PHY and OFDM PHY. The typical modulation techniques employed here are π/2 DBPSK, π/2 BPSK, π/2 QPSK, π/2 16QAM, OFDM-SQPSK etc. LDPC technique is used as forward error correction technique.

802.11ad features

Following table summarizes the features of WiGig Standard i.e. WLAN 802.11ad standard.

Specifications 802.11ad WiGiG support
RF Carrier Frequency operates at 60 GHz unlicensed band with different allocations from 57GHz to 66 GHz in different regions of the world
Channel bandwidth About 2.16 GHz
Data rate/Data throughput 7 Gbps
Distance coverage About 1 to 10 meters
Data symbol modulation Single carrier/OFDM
MAC layer Should support switching from existing 60 GHz Wigig to previous 2.4 GHz /5 GHz Wifi networks
Beamforming Supported

WLAN-ad Test and Measurement Solution providers

There are various test and measurement solution providers for WiGig 802.11ad compliant devices. Following are the popular among them.
• R&S, https://www2.rohde-schwarz.com/
• WLAN 802.11ad test solutions from Agilent, https://www.agilent.com

WLAN-11ad Tutorial and 11ad PHY layer

802.11 ad frame types

Refer WLAN 802.11ad basic tutorial➤ and WLAN 802.11ad physical layer➤.

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