Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

This page compares Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality and mentions difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It mentions features and examples of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Virtual Reality(VR)

• The Virtual Reality ignores the real world and transport us some where else entirely. This means VR replaces real world wih simulated one.
• It immerses us fully in the virtual world.
• Physically we are not moved but we feel that we are moved due to virtual environment and virtual device we have worn.

Example: Oculus Rift

Augmented Reality(AR)

• The Augmented Reality is combination of actual reality, virtual reality and real world surroundings. This means AR makes surrounding world more interactive which can be manipulated digitally. This is done with the help of computer vision and object recognition.
• As the name suggests it is adding or augmenting additional information or things to the real world around us.
• The AR system is highly interactive while simultaneously operating in real time.
• It is used in 3D environment.
• It enhances perceptions and interactions with the real world.
• Due to significant improvements and innovations in the medical industry due to AR, life of patients have become safer. Moreover diagnosis of diseases have become more efficient. Due to this, early detection of diseases have become possible.

Example: Hololens

The companies such as Qualcomm, Aurasma, Layar and Magic Leap are promoting and developing products in Augmented Reality (AR) segment.

There are many applications of VR and AR such as education, Gaming, Engineering and Medical. They are used in applications in military, commercial, industrial and many more.

Following are the some of the applications of AR in medical and healthcare industry.
• Keyhole surgery: This application makes surgeons more efficient while during surgery. They can see exactly where medical equipments are going similar to X-Ray vision. The AR system depicts entire inner part of the patient's body.
• Accu Vein: This device digitally maps and displays vasculature on the surface of skin of the patient in real time. This will allow doctor's to verify vein patency as well as avoid valves.
• EyeDecide AR App: This application provides patient related engagement tools useful for healthcare providers. Camera is being used by developers to simulate vision of the patient affected due to certain conditions.
• SimX: It is AR medical simulation software. It replaces physical simulation with customisable, HD and 3D virtual patient. Using this software, patient can be projected onto any empty bed in the hospital.

As such there is no major difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices except for the following which is difficult to make out.
• Comfort of wearing the hardware
• Performance of the hardware
• User interactive controls
• software developed for the product

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