UPS vs Inverter-Difference between UPS and Inverter

This page compares UPS vs Inverter and mentions difference between UPS and Inverter.

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. It is an apparatus which provides emergency power to the load when input mains power fails. The switching time is very fast and immediate and hence will be able to continue providing power to hardwares such as computers, telecom equipments etc.

UPS vs Inverter

The power inverter is a device which changes DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). When power is available, Inverter keep charging the battery from AC mains till it is completely charged. When AC power is not available, inverter provides power to all the equipments from the battery.

Specifications UPS Inverter
Function It acts as flywheel storage system in power outage conditions. It converts DC power to AC power when AC mains power supply is not available.
Time required to take over in case of power cut Negligible in micro-seconds
Backup time period 10 to 20 minutes, provides power for shorter period. 3 to 6 hours which depends on battery used and inverter design, provides power for longer period.
Maintenance requirement Not needed Need at regular intervals
Price About 1K to 3K About 10K to 20K
Application or Usage It provides backup to desktop computer or laptop computer It provides backup to Fans, Lights, TV, Household appliances
Functionalites More Less
Example Model Luminous UPS 600VA Luminous Ecowatt 650 Inverter
Life Less More
Power storage capacity Less More


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