Transponder vs Repeater-Difference between Transponder and Repeater

This page compares Transponder vs Repeater and mentions difference between Transponder and Repeater.

Satellite Transponder


Following are the basic functions of a transponder.
• It does frequency translation i.e. converts frequency from one band to the other band. As shown in the figure-1 C-band transponder converts frequency in 6 GHz band to frequency in 4 GHz band range.
• It does amplification of the input signal to provide amplified output to withstand against path loss and other losses incurred due to system elements.



Following are the basic functions of a repeater.
• It does only power amplification of the input signal and retransmits the amplified signal.
• It does not perform any frequency translation and hence RF components such as RF mixers are not needed.
• Figure-2 depicts typical repeater used in the LTE system.

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