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Components of Space Launch System | Parts of SLS for satellite

This page mentions parts or components of Space Launch System (SLS) including SLS advantages or benefits. The satellite launch system consists of rocket engine, fuel, service module, launch abort system, payload fairing etc.

What is Space Launch System (SLS) ?

The launch vehicle used to provide foundation for human exploration beyond orbit of the Earth i.e. in Space is known as Space Launch System. It has tremendous capabilities to send astronauts, orion and cargo to the Moon and other planets. It can also be used for robotic scientific missions to places such as Mars, Saturn, Jupiter etc.

Space Launch System Components

The figure depicts Space Launch System and its parts. NASA is designing such system which will take space research beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

Space Launch System Components or parts

Following are the positions and functions of space launch system parts and their components.
• Launch Abort System (LAS) : LAS sits top of payload as shown. If launch conditions threaten the crew, it fires solid fuel rocket that carries payload away from system.
• Payload Fairing : The payload experiences extreme pressure and heat as it climbs. It is covered with protective nose cone.
• Crew or Cargo Module : This section contains things (include space station items, satellite etc.) or passengers or crew delivered to the space.
• Service Module : The payload's propulsion and power systems provide thrust in space and it allows the payload to maneuver.
• Guidance System : It consists of sensors, radars, computers and communication equipment coordinated with exhaust nozzles. Nozzles are used for rocket stability during launch and maintenance.
• Liquid Fuel : Most of the main engines mix fuel and oxidizer in single combustion chamber.
• Structural System : It houses all the parts which constitutes frame of the launch system.
• Rocket Engine : Engines burn fuel in chamber. This causes resulting gas to expand at supersonic speed.
• Nozzle : It accelerates flow of gas from combustion chamber to produce thrust.

Advantages of Space Launch System

Following are the benefits or advantages of Space Launch System (SLS).
➨It is designed to be evolvable and flexible.
➨The launch system occupies less space and it provides smoother launch.
➨The time requirement to launch is less.
➨It is reliable and consume less energy.
➨The man power requirement is less.

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