Smart Wear Clothing | Smart Cloth for fitness

This page describes smart wear clothing. Smart cloths are used as fitness wear. They are known as smart fitness clothing. It mentions Smart Wear Clothing Manufacturers.

As we know any human is built like any other machine and it has the ability to get bettwre and stronger and more improvements can be achieved.

The garments come with built-in sensors which look inside muscle and analyzes muscle activity in real time. This allows one to have improvement in gym exercises.

It provides muscle conditions such as softness, fat level etc. The mounted sensors on garments sends these informations to the app running on the smartphone. Figure-1 below depicts garment solution manufactured by company called Athos.

Smart Wear from ATHOS

Smart Wear Clothing From Athos

Athos manufactures smart wear clothing. The smart wear app. in the smartphone displays following.
• Percentage of exercise levels exerted on deltoids, pectorals, Biceps
• Heart Rate
• Active Time
• Athos score

Athos smart wear cloths have built-in sensors for for EMG and heart rate activities. This will provide biometric informations such as muscle effort, muscle activation, heart rate etc.

This helps provide whether we are performing right exercises with right form and right intensity levels.


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