Single vs Multi UAV-Difference between Single UAV and Multi UAV

This page compares Single UAV vs Multi UAV and mentions difference between Single UAV and Multi UAV Systems.

What is UAV ?

The term UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle commonly known as drone. It is a mini aircraft without human pilot aboard. The system consists of UAV, ground based controller and system to communicate the two.

The UAV flight can be controlled by human operator using remote control or it can be autonomously controlled by onboard computers.

UAVs or drones can be used for numerous applications viz. military, commercial, scientific, agricultural etc. Some of the other apps include policing, surveillance, product deliveries, peacekeeping, photography, human tracking, medicine spraying, smuggling and so on. Drone operates at RF frequecies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

UAV consists of aircraft body, sensors, computing module, actuators, software, power supply etc. Refer UAV tutorial >> for more information.

Single UAV | Multi UAV

UAV components

Single UAV system houses one UAV for desired application. Multi UAV system houses multiple UAVs to cover given area faster and to take photos from different perspectives simultaneously. Moreover multi-UAV system performs more efficiently and economically compare to single UAV system.

Tabular difference between Single UAV and Multi UAV

Following table mentions difference between Single UAV and Multi UAV systems.

Features Single UAV Multi UAV
Failures Higher Lower
Scalability Limited High
Survivability Poor Higher
Speed of Mission Slower Faster
Cost Medium High
Bandwidth needed Higher Medium
Antenna used Omni-directional Directional
Control Complexity Lower Higher
Failure of co-ordinate Low Present

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