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Set of Sigfox commands | Sigfox AT Command Syntax

This page mentions table with set of sigfox commands. It mentions syntax of AT commands used in Sigfox SoC for monitor and control of various parameters/tasks.

This page covers Sigfox AT commands commonly used/provided by leading Sigfox transceiver/modem manufacturers. It includes and more.

AT commands are very popular to configure/monitor and put sigfox modem/transceiver in various functionalities.

The AT-commands are useful to communicate when API interface is not provided on devices. UART is needed in the devices to utilize this feature. AT commands vary manufacturer to manufacturer as each one design and develop their own set of commands catering to various functionalities.

AT command Description
AT$P=1 Device goes into sleep mode
AT$P=1 Device goes to deep sleep mode
AT$I = Unit
Unit ranges any value from 0 to 11.
It is used to display various information related to sigfox device.
For example AT$I=0 displays software name and version
AT$I=10 displays Sigfox device ID and so on..
AT$WR It is used to save the configuration.
AT$SB=bit[.bit] Send a Bit Status (0 or 1).
AT$SF=frame[.bit] Used to send payload data or frame of size 1 to 12 bytes.
For example: AT$SF=gghh1234
AT$CB=uint_opt,bit It is used to transmit continuous bit pattern. It is used for emission testing.
For example, AT$CB=0xAA,1
This example Sigfox AT command is used to transmit continuous pattern of bits (10101010).
AT$IF? Returns Tx frequency.
AT$DR? Returns Rx frequency.
AT$T? Returns temperature value in the unit as per design.
AT$IF=uint Set the Tx frequency.
AT$DR = uint Set the Rx frequency.
AT$P = unit It is used to set the power mode. (uint = 0/1/2)
AT:Pn? Used to get settings of GPIO pins. n can be any value from range (0 to 9).
AT:Pn=? Get GPIO pin range (print all the possible modes for a pin).

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