Seismic Sensor used as Earthquake Detector

This page describes basic working of Seismic sensor used in Earthquake detector. The seismic sensor or earthquake detector is used as alarm for forecasting earthquake disaster.

Seismic sensor works by incorporating any one of the following types of transducer for its operation.
• Resistive
• Capacitive
• Piezoelectric
• Optical i.e. interferometers, encoders
• Inductive -combination of coil and magnet
• Eddy current based
• LVDT (Linear Variable differential transformer)

Based on output voltage's dependability seismic sensors are classified as following.
• Displacement
• Velocity (Geophones, feedback geophones known as seismometers)
• Acceleration (Accelerometers, Force Balanced Accelerometers)

seismic sensor in earthquake detector

Following specifications are considered for seismic sensor:
• Velocity Output Bandwidth in Hz
• Velocity Output Sensitivity in V/m/s
• Peak Output
• Lowest spurious resonance in Hz
• Linearity in dB
• Cross axis rejection in dB
• Electronic noise level
• Dynamic range - Max/Min measurable value
• Active/passive type i.e. it needs supply or not

The seismic sensors are widely used as Earthquake detectors. The same has been depicted in the figure.


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