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What is SIGFOX?

This page covers SIGFOX wireless technology. It covers SIGFOX technology basics used in M2M and IoT(Internet of Things).

SIGFOX is cellular like system which connects remote devices using Ultra Narrow Band(UNB) technology. It is mainly targetted for low data rate applications. It requires substantially less antennas compare to traditional cellular networks such as GSM/CDMA.

SIGFOX is the name of operator which has developed first cellular network which provides low throughput wireless communication. With its UNB patented technology, they have made revolution in the era of M2M and IoT. The network based on this technology already have connected thousands of devices in country such as France and also in international cities.

sigfox network architecture

Refer SIGFOX tutorial covering Sigfox network architecture, interfaces, frame structure and protocol stack.

SIGFOX wireless technology basics in M2M and IoT

Following are the key features/specifications of SIGFOX technology.

Specification/feature SIGFOX Support
Frequency Unlicensed ISM Band
868 MHz(Europe)
915 MHz(USA)
Range 30 to 50 Km (Rural areas)
3 to 10 Km (Urban areas)
Throughput 100 bps
Payload size to be transmitted Very less(about 12 bytes)
Power consumption Very less, for example, energy meter in SIGFOX will consume 50 microwatts while in GSM cellular system it consumes 5000 microwatts
Stand by time for 2.5Ah battery It takes 20 years in SIGFOX, while GSM cellular takes very less about 0 to 2 years
uplink/downlink supports mono as well as bi-directional communication
Frequency Hopping Supported
Security/Privacy SIGFOX employs various techniques to support this

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