SFTP vs FTPS | Difference between SFTP and FTPS

This page compares SFTP vs FTPS and mentions difference between SFTP and FTPS. Both of these are used as network protocols. They are used for file transfer over the internet.

Specifications SFTP FTPS
Full form SSH File Transfer Protocol FTP over SSL or FTP Secure
Purpose It provides extension to existing secure SSH to include easy file transfer functionality. It provides extension to existing FTP protocol to include security part.
Number of channels 1, used for communication and data transfer both 2, one is used for communication and the other for data transfer
message format SFTP uses binary format to send/receive the message. It is not human readable. FTPS uses human readable format to send and to receive the message.
Popularity Less More
Port number Typically runs over TCP port 22 Typically runs over TCP port 21 or 990
Definition It is a binary protocol in which commands are packed as per binary format. This messages are sent to the server which replies back in binary format. It adds support for TLS and SSL in the existing FTP protocol. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.
framework SSH/SFTP is not built-in the .NET frameworks FTP and SSL/TLS support is available in many internet communication framework as built in feature.
Directory support The directory listing is uniform and machine readable. It does not have uniform directory listing format. It requires secondary DATA channel.
security Connection is always secured. SSL/TLS has good authentication mechanisms

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