SDH hierarchy-STM0,STM1,STM4,STM16,STM64,STM256 and mapping with E1,E4

The page covers synchronous SDH hierarchy STM0, STM1, STM4, STM16, STM64 and STM256 bit rates. It mentions mapping with E1 and E4 carrier system.

SDH Terminology Bit rate Abbreviated bit rate SDH capacity
STM0 51.84 Mbits/sec 51 Mbps 21 E1
STM1 155.52 Mbits/sec 155 Mbps 63 E1 or 1 E4
STM4 622.08 Mbits/sec 622 Mbps 252 E1 or 4 E4
STM16 2488.32 Mbits/sec 2.4 Gbps 1008 E1 or 16 E4
STM64 9953.28 Mbits/sec 10 Gbps 4032 E1 or 64 E4
STM256 39813.12 Mbits/sec 40 Gbps 16128 E1 or 256 E4


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