SAW filter vs BAW filter-Basic difference between SAW and BAW filters

This page on SAW filter vs BAW filter describes basic difference between SAW and BAW filters. It mentions link to SAW filter basics and manufacturers.

As we know filters are modules which are essential in a transmit and receive chain of the communication system. They are 2-port devices having input and output ports. They are designed for specific frequency band of interest as per requirements.


RF Filters pass the RF signal in certain frequency range and attenuate the signal in some frequency range. In RF two types of filters are commonly used viz. SAW filter and BAW filter. SAW is the short form of Surface Acoustic Wave and BAW is the short form of Bulk Acoustic Wave.

There are various types of filters based on frequency response. They are BPF,BSF,LPF and HPF. The figure depicts the response of Band Pass Filter(BPF). Refer LPF vs HPF vs BPF vs BSF. Following specifications are typically considered for RF filter characterization.
• Insertion loss• Bandwidth of operation• Rejection

SAW Filter-Surface Acoustic Wave Filter

SAW filters are cheaper compare to BAW filters. They are easy in fabrication due to easy access to their structure on the surface of the modules. Refer SAW filter basics and manufacturers.

BAW Filter-Bulk Acoustic Wave Filter

BAW filter needs more complex fabrication methods. Hence they are costlier compare to SAW filter counterpart. However BAW filters will have sharper frequency response and hence they are known for their sharp filtering effect on RF signal.

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