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This page describes SAW filter basics with applications and SAW filter manufacturers.

The name SAW is the short form of Surface Acoustic Wave. This wave is composed of coupled compressional & shear wave type in which energy is confined near the surface.

The SAW has two benefits:
• It allows electro-acoustic coupling via the transducer.
• It's velocity is 105 times less than EM wave(Electromagnetic wave).
This is the major difference between SAW and EM waves. Due to this, SAW is used where EM wave based designs are impractical to be developed. Following table mentions comparison between SAW and EM dimensions vs frequency/delay.

Specifications SAW EM Wave
100MHz 30 µm 3 meters
3GHz 1 µm 0.1 meter
1 ns 3 µm 0.3 µm
10 µs 30 mm 3000 m

Due to high operating frequencies and linear delay they are used for broad range of signal processing applications. The applications include both commercial as well as military systems. SAW based components are used in radars, Cable TV, VCR, navigational and cellular applications. Moreover IF filters, signal analyzers, synthesizers, clocks and tags will use SAW concept based designs.

The properties of SAW such as reflection,transduction,non-linearities and re-generation make them popular. SAW devices are manufactured using anisotropic materials which include LiNbO3(lithium niobate), LiTa2O5(lithium tantalate) and quartz.

Among SAW devices, SAW filter is widely used for many applications such as medical, telecommunications etc. Following are the specifications of SAW filter.
• Filter Bandwidth of operation (B1)
• Transition Bandwidth (B2)
• In-Band Ripple (R2)
• Out-of-Band Sidelobes level (R1)
• Group delay variation over passband as shown
• Insertion loss
• Size and package type

SAW Filter Types | IIDT, DMS and Ladder

Ladder SAW filter

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RF SAW filter manufacturers

SAW Filter Response

Following is the list of popular RF SAW filter manufacturers:
• Oscilent Corporation
• Vectron
• Murata
• Maxim Integrated
• Dove Electronic Components, Inc.
• Amplitronix
• Filtronetics,Inc.

SAW Devices-Filters, Resonators, Duplexers

SAW Filter Types IIDT, DMS and Ladder
SAW Filter Versus BAW Filter
1 Port SAW Resonator Vs 2 SAW Port Resonator
SAW Duplexer Working Principle
SAW Filter Manufacturers
SAW Duplexer Manufacturers
SAW Resonator Manufacturers

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