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Resonant antenna vs Non-resonant antenna | difference between Resonant antenna and Non-resonant antenna

This page compares Resonant antenna vs Non-resonant antenna and describes difference between Resonant antenna and Non-resonant antenna types.

Resonant antenna

Resonant Antenna

The resonant antennas are like resonant transmission lines. The dipole antennas are example of this antenna type. They are open ended at far end with resonant length. The term resonant length refers to multiple of quarter wavelength. It is placed at a point on the transmission line where it delivers low impedance. Usually, this location is quarter wavelength (i.e. λ/4) from the open circuit end. The figure-1 depicts half wave dipole and its radiation pattern looking like a doublet.

Resonant Antenna radiation pattern

The radiation pattern of resonant antennas have two parts viz. one due to forward and the other due to reflected wave. The figure-2 depicts these as well as combined radiation pattern of resonant antenna.

Non-resonant antenna

Non-resonant antenna and radiation pattern

The Non-resonant antennas are like nonresonant transmission lines. Nonresonant transmission lines do not have standing waves. Hence they do not have any reflected waves and they have only forward travelling waves.

When the antenna is terminated as depicted in the figure-3, about (2/3)rd power is transmitted as forward waves and remainding power is dissipated and there is no reflected power towards the input.

From the radiation patterns of both, the difference between resonant antenna and nonresonant antenna is as follows.
➨Nonresonant antennas are uni-directional and resonant antennas are bi-directional.
➨In nonresonant antennas only forward waves exist and in resonant antennas both forward and reflected waves exist.

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