Primary Battery vs Secondary Battery | Difference between Primary Battery and Secondary Battery

This page compares Primary Battery vs Secondary Battery and mentions difference between Primary Battery and Secondary Battery.

Dry Cell vs Wet Cell

The figure-1 depicts dry cell and wet cell types. Dry cells are primary cells or batteries. Wet cells can be used as primary cells (i.e. non-rechargeable) or secondary cells (i.e. rechargeable). Let us summarize difference between Primary Cells and Secondary Cells.

Specifications Primary Battery Secondary Battery
Recharging These batteries can not be recharged or reused. These batteries can be recharged or reused.
Reaction Irreversible reactions occur Reversible reactions occur
Number of times it can be used. only once, can be used as long as active materials are present. more than once by recharging
Application It is used in portable devices, watches, transistors, radios etc. It is used in automobiles, digital cameras, laptops, flash lights, electronic equipments etc.
Self discharge rates Lower Higher
Initial cost Lower Higher
Life Cycle cost Higher Lower
Disposable, can not be recharged. Regular maintenance needed, Periodic recharging required.
Examples Leclanche cell, Dry cell, lithium cell Lead storage battery, Ni-Cd battery, Lithium Ion Cell

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