OLED vs LED vs LCD | Difference between OLED,LED and LCD

This page compares OLED vs LED vs LCD and mentions difference between OLED, LED and LCD. It also mentions comparison between LED and LCD display types including OLED basics, advantages and disadvantages. It mentions how OLED works.

OLED Basics | What is an OLED

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is an electronic device made by placing series of organic thin films between the two conductors. A bright light is emitted when electrical current is being applied.

OLED works on the same principle of electro-luminescence. It states that certain metals emit light in response to electric current passing through it.

How OLED Works

OLED Structure, How OLED Works

As shown in the figure-1, OLED structure consists of Cathode, Emissive Layer, Conductive Layer, Anode and substrate. Let us understand how OLED works.
• Due to battery or power supply, voltage is being applied to the OLED.
• As a result current flows from cathode to the anode through the organic layers.
• This process gives electrons to the emissive layer and removes electrons from conductive layer.
• Removal of electrons from conductive layer leave out holes which need to be filled with electrons in emissive layer.
• The holes jump to emissive layer and will recombine with electrons. As electrons drop into holes, they release their extra energy as light. This way light emission takes place in the OLED device.

Types of OLED

Following are the types of OLED:
• Passive-matrix
• Active-matrix
• Transparent
• Top-emitting
• Flexible
• White

Advantages and Disadvantages of OLED

Following are the advantages of OLED:
• Thinner, lighter and more flexible
• Brighter and clearer picture
• Consume much less power i.e. power consumption is less.
• Easier to produce and make into larger sizes
• Large field of view i.e. viewing angle.
• It can be printed on various surfaces.

Following are the disadvantages of OLED:
• Lifetime
• Manufacturing
• Water

Tabular difference between OLED and LED/LCD

Following table mentions basic difference between OLED and LED/LCD.

Specifications OLED LED/LCD
Backlight Not available available
Power Consumption Less More
Display size thin and small thick compare to OLED display type
Viewing angle wide narrower than OLED
Weight Less More
Flexibility More flexible Less flexible

Comparison between LED and LCD

Refer Difference between LED and LCD>> which mentions basic comparison between LED and LCD with respect to their features.

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