OCXO vs Rubidium | Difference between OCXO and Rubidium

This page compares OCXO vs Rubidium oscillator types and mentions difference between OCXO and Rubidium oscillator. OCXO, TCXO and MCXO are quartz oscillators where as rubidium, RbXO and Cesium are Atomic Oscillators.

Specifications OCXO Rubidium
Oscillator type It is quartz oscillator. It is atomic oscillator.
Accuracy (per year) 1 x 10-8 5 x 10-10
Aging/year 6 x 10-9 2 x 10-10
Temperature stability ( 0C range ) 1 x 10-9 (-55 to +85) 3 x 10-10 (-55 to +68)
Stability, σy(τ) 1 x 10-12 3 x 10-11
Size (cm3) 20 to 200 800
Warm-up time (minutes) 4 (to 1 x 10-8) 3 (to 5 x 10-10 )
Power (Watt) ( @ lowest temp.) 0.25 to 4 20
Price in $ 2000 (Low) 8000 (High)
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