What is OCXO ppm | OCXO ppb | OCXO pps

This page compares OCXO ppm vs OCXO ppb vs OCXO pps and describes OCXO terms ppm, ppb and pps units used in OCXO crystal oscillator.

OCXO ppm | Parts Per Million

ppm to Hz converter equation

The frequency stability of oscillator, synthesizer, frequency transceiver are specified in terms of ppm. The term ppm is the short form of "Parts Per Million". With the help of above formula one can convert ppm value to Hz. ppm basically represents part of the whole number which will have units of the value 1/1000000.
Refer ppm to Hz converter>>.

The accuracy of an oscillator can be specified as 5 X 10-6, or 5 ppm.
➤This means actual frequency of oscillator can be off by factor of 5 ppm compared to nominal frequency.

OCXO ppb | Parts Per Billion

The term ppb is the short form of "Parts Per Billion". ppb basically represents part of the whole number which will have units of the value 1/109. One billion equals one thousand million.

Oscillator accuracy can be 0.36 X 10-9, or 0.36 ppb.

OCXO pps | Pulse Per Second

The term pps is the short form of "One pulse per second".

Accuracy of OCXO in PPS (pulse per sec) is specified such as <+/-50 nsec etc.

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