NFC Frequency of operation | NFC frequency band 13.56MHz

This page mentions NFC frequency of operation. NFC tags and NFC readers use NFC frequency of about 13.56 MHz.

The full form of NFC is Near Field Communication. As the name suggests, it is the short distance communication technology operating at high frequency for the exchange of data transfer between devices. One of the device in NFC network is referred as 'NFC tag' and the other device is referred as 'NFC reader'.

NFC is the upgrade of RFID standard technology. It uses principle of electromagnetic induction between two loop antennas for establishing communication. The connection is established in few seconds. NFC 13.56MHz falls under unlicensed radio frequency band. It is considered as ISM band.

Following table summarizes NFC technology related useful parameters.

Specifications NFC technology support
Coverage distance less than 10 cm
Operating NFC Frequency 13.56 MHz
Data rate 106/212/424 kbps based on NFC tag type
Data access mode Read/Write or Read Only
Standards ISO14443 A/B, ISO 18092 etc.

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