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Microwave Massive MIMO vs mmWave MIMO-Difference between Microwave Massive MIMO and mmWave MIMO

This page compares Microwave Massive MIMO vs mmWave MIMO and mentions difference between Microwave Massive MIMO (M-MIMO) and mmWave (Millimeter wave) MIMO.

Specifications Microwave Massive MIMO mmWave MIMO
Bandwidth 20 to 50 MHz > 500 MHz
Number of antennas at Base Station(BS) 32 to 64 64 to 256
Number of antennas at Mobile Station (MS) 1 to 4 4 to 12
Beamforming type Digital Analog
Number of users supported About 10 About 4
Cell size Micro or Macro Pico
Small scale fading More AS and clusters, correlated with higher rank Fewer AS and clusters, correlated with lower rank esp. in LOS
Large scale fading distant dependent pathloss, shadowing distant dependent with random blockage model
Penetration Loss Some Usually Higher
Channel Sparsity Less More
Spatial correlation Less More
Orientation Less More
Network Deployment installed in low BS density areas installed in high BS density areas


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