Manual Antenna Tuner Vs Automatic Antenna Tuner | Difference between Manual Antenna Tuner and Automatic Antenna Tuner

This page compares Manual Antenna Tuner vs Automatic Antenna Tuner and mentions difference between Manual Antenna Tuner and Automatic Antenna Tuner.

Any tuner circuit consists of inductors (L) and capacitors (C). This is shown in the figure-1. This is referred as low frequency tuner circuit.

Low Frequency Tuner Circuit

As per the received frequency from the Antenna, these L and C components are tuned either manually or automatically.

resonant frequency equation

Resonant frequency equation is mentioned as above. Example: Ftuned = 500 KHz
L = 1 mH and C = 100 pF

Manual Antenna Tuner

Radio Antenna Tuner

• It is operated manually with the help of the knobs.
• There are separate knobs for L and C components available in the tuner circuit.
• Manual Antenna tuner type is often cumbersome as takes time for human being to set the knobs in order to listen the desired radio stations.
• Old radio sets were supposed to be this type. The air variable capacitor and roller inductor were used.
• Manual antenna tuner is shown in the figure-2 above.
• Advantages: Simple and cheaper
• Disadvantages: Slow in tuning due to manual operation.

Automatic Antenna Tuner

• The automatic tuners are built in the radio set itself. They are also available separately.
• They are very useful when user need to change frequency or channel quickly in less time.
• In option-1, automatic antenna tuner adjusts L and C with the push of a button.
• In option-2, tuner senses changed radio frequency and adjusts the L and C accordingly.
• Advantages: Fast and automatic.
• Disadvantages: expensive and limited tuning range.

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