MPLS vs VPLS | Difference between MPLS and VPLS

This page compares MPLS vs VPLS and mentions difference between MPLS and VPLS. MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching and VLPS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service.

MPLS-Multiprotocol Label Switching

MPLS Label Switching

As mentioned MPLS is the short form of Multiprotocol Label Switching. The MPLS network composed of CE routers and PE routers as shown in the figure-1.
Refer MPLS tutorial and BGP and MPLS in VPN for more information on MPLS concepts.

VPLS-Virtual Private LAN Service

VPLS architecture

• VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service. It is defined in RFC 4762. The figure-2 depicts VPLS architecture.
• As shown it is architecture which delivers EMS (Ethernet Multipoint Services) over MPLS network.
• VPLS operation emulates IEEE ethernet bridge.

VPLS network

Like MPLS based IP VPN service, VPLS based VPN is a multipoint service. But unlike IP VPNs, it can transport non IP traffic. Following are the features of VPLS based VPN (Virtual Private Network).
• It is a layer-2 multipoint VPN.
• It allows multiple sites to be connected in single bridged domain over provider managed IP MPLS network.
• All the customer sites in VPLS based VPN appears to be on same LAN regardless of their actual location as shown.
• It uses ethernet interace. Due to this their is no LAN and WAN boundaries. Hence it allows rapid and flexible provisioning.

There are three major components of VPLS network:
• CE devices (Customer Edges) : They are router or switch devices located at customer premises.
• PE devices (Provider Edges): This is the place where all the intelligence of VPN network resides. All the PEs are interconnected. CEs are connected with their peer PEs.
• MPLS network: All the PEs are connected based on MPLS IP network, traffic is switched based on MPLS labels. Refer MPLS label Switching.

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