Low Frequency Tuner Vs High Frequency Tuner | Difference between Low Frequency Tuner and High Frequency Tuner

This page compares Low Frequency Tuner vs High Frequency Tuner and mentions difference between Low Frequency Tuner and High Frequency Tuner.

Low Frequency Tuner Circuit

Low Frequency Tuner Circuit

The figure-1 depicts low frequency antenna tuner. As shown it uses inductors and conductors for tuning the frequency as per resonant frequency equation mentioned below.

resonant frequency equation

There are different variants of the tuner circuit as per their positions. There are L-network, π-network and T-network types of tuner circuits.

High Frequency Tuner Circuit

High Frequency Tuner Circuit

The figure-2 depicts high frequency antenna tuner. As shown it uses RF mixer and LO (Local Oscillator) in order to select the desired frequency. RF mixer produces sum and difference of input frequencies. From these products desired one is selected with the help of filter. Appropriate amplifiers are used in the chain in order to meet required P1dB compression points as well as to reduce or constrain noise within the limit.

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