Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling | Difference between Liquid Cooling and Air Cooling

This page compares Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling and mentions difference between Liquid Cooling and Air Cooling. Air cooler is used for air cooling and liquid cooler is used for liquid cooling.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid Cooler for Liquid cooling

• It is one of the way to cool CPU as water has ability to transfer heat much efficiently compare to air.
• It requires water pump, water to air heat exchanger (i.e. radiator and fan) and reservoir for liquid storage.
• It uses water as coolant along with additives, anti-corrosives and biocides.
• Liquid cooling keeps PC or laptop runs without making any noise. This is due to the fact that fan does not run at high RPM due to liquid cooling.
• It can be used for cooling both CPU and GPU.
• Liquid cooling has drawbacks of water leakage on the hardware. Hence installation should be done with intense care.
• Liquid cooling is more effective compare to air cooling.
• It is costlier cooling approach compare to air cooling.

Air Cooling

Air cooler for air cooling

• This type of cooling is satisfactory for casual users of PC or laptop.
• It uses copper plates as heat sink to spread heat using hollow pipes or fins.
• It is cheaper compare to liquid cooling.
• There is no problem of water being leaked to the hardware parts of the computer.
• It makes noise when processor gets heated up after some use.


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