LTE Cat-M1 vs LTE Cat-NB1 | difference between LTE Cat-M1 and LTE Cat-NB1

This page compares LTE Cat-M1 vs LTE Cat-NB1 and describes difference between LTE Cat-M1 and LTE Cat-NB1.

Specifications LTE Cat-M1 LTE Cat-NB1
Standard 3GPP Release-13 3GPP Release-13
Peak Data rate DL/UL : 1 Mbps DL: About 20 Kbps
UL: About 60 Kbps
Bandwdth 1.4 MHz 200 KHz
Number of Receiver antenna Single Rx Single Rx
Duplex mode Supports half duplex, FDD/TDD Half duplex, FDD only
Transmit power 20/23 dBm 20/23 dBm
Latency 10 ms to 15 ms 1.6S to 10s
Receiver chains 1 (SISO) 1 (SISO)


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