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LPF vs HPF vs BPF vs BSF-Difference between LPF,HPF,BPF,BSF filter types

This page on LPF vs HPF vs BPF vs BSF describes difference between LPF,HPF,BPF and BSF filter types. These are all filters used in communication chain for various functions. Based on where they have been placed they are mainly of two types viz. analog and digital. The filters which operate on digital data is referred as digital filter and one which operates on analog data is referred as analog filter. We will see basic difference between basic filter types.


The short form of Low Pass Filter is LPF. This filter passes the lower range of frequencies and stops or filter out higher range of frequencies. As shown LPF passes frequencies from 0 to Fc and stops all the frequencies above Fc.

Fig.1 LPF


The short form of High Pass Filter is HPF. This filter passes the higher frequencies and stops or filter out lower frequencies. As shown HPF passes frequencies from Fc and above and stops frequencies from 0 to Fc.

Fig.2 HPF


The short form of Band Pass Filter is BPF. This filter passes band of frequencies. As shown the BPF passes frequencies between F1 and F2. It rejects frequencies from 0 to F1 and also any frequencies from F2 and above.

Fig.3 BPF


The short form of Band Stop Filter is BSF. This filter stops band of frequencies from F1 to F2 and passes frequencies from 0 to F1 as well as from F2 and above.

Fig.4 BSF


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