Iridium Satellite Frequency | Operating frequency of Iridium

This page describes Iridium Satellite operating frequencies. It mentions Iridium satellite frequency between two iridium satellites,between iridium terminal and iridium satellite and between gateway or earth station and iridium satellite.The Iridium satellite frequency include L band and Ka bands.

Iridium satellite system consists of 66 low earth orbiting satellites, iridium satellite phone terminals, satellite earth stations or gateways. This is shown in the figure-1 below.

Iridium Satellite Operating Frequencies

The table below mentions all the frequencies used between these iridium satellite systems.

Iridium Satellite Frequency Description
Between Two Iridium Satellites 23.18 to 23.38 GHz
Between Iridium Phone Terminal and Iridium Satellite L band in the range from 1621.35 to 1626.5 MHz used for both uplink and downlink
From Earth Station to Iridium Satellite (Uplink) 29.1 to 29.3 GHz
From Iridium Satellite to Earth Station (Downlink) 19.4 to 19.6 GHz

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