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This page on Iridium Satellite Call setup mentions how to dial from Iridium satellite phone. It also mentions how to dial to/from Iridium Satellite phone.

Iridium satellite phone system is very useful where other telephone services such as cellular mobile, fixed mobile, landline and other services are not available. Typically it is used for maritime communications, defense, hospitals, emergency and airline communications. With the Iridium Next going to launch in coming years, it has been planned to provide the iridium service for commercial applications to send/receive text, to have voice call and to browse internet.

Iridium Satellite Operating Frequencies

The figure-1 mentions sketch of Iridium satellite phone system. Following section mentions different scenarios in which the iridium satellite phone system will be used.

How to make calls to/from Iridium satellite Phone system

The Iridium phone must have to be in LOS (Line Of Sight) with Iridium satellite in order to make it work. It should be in open clear sky. It should be avoided to use in building or in the region on the earth having obstruction.

➨Case-1: From landline(originating from USA) to Iridium phone (terminating):
• Dial the number 011-8816-XXX-XXXXX
Where, 011 is IDD of USA while 8816 XXX XXXXX is MSISDNM
IDD stands for International Direct Dial

➨Case-2: From Landline (originating from outside USA) to Iridium satellite phone :
• Dial the number 00 8816 XXX XXXXX (when landline is in france).
Where, 00 is IDD of France while 8816 XXX XXXXX is MSISDN.

➨Case-3: From Iridium Satellite phone to Landline (in USA) :
• Dial the number 00 1 602-752-XXXX Where, use 00 for all outbound calls from iridium satellite phone
next 1 is USA country code
602 is area code and 752-XXXX is the actual landline phone number.

➨Case-4: From Iridium Satellite phone to Landline (in some country) :
• Dial: 00 CC XXXXXX
00 is used for all outbound calls from iridium satellite phone
CC is country code where landline is located and XXXXXX is the actual landline phone number.

➨Case-5: Iridium phone to another Iridium phone :
• Dial 00 8816 XXX XXXXX from Iridium satellite phone.

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