INSTEON vs X10-difference between INSTEON and X10

This page covers basic comparison between INSTEON and X10 technologies. It covers difference between INSTEON and X10 technologies.

INSTEON has more and advanced features compare to X10 powerline signalling technology. X10 was popular in the year 1970s which was invented by Pico Electronics. There were many drawbacks which leads to failure of the technology.

Following table mentions difference between INSTEON and X10.

Specifications INSTEON X10
Medium of operation Supports both Powerline and radio communication Supports powerline communication
Addition of devices As the INSTEON devices repeat each other's messages, hence adding more devices will add more energy to the INSTEON signal. More the devices more reliable is the network. Adding X10 devices weaken the network.
Loop type Closed loop, devices can both listen and talk. Protocol needs that all messages which are not of broadcast type should be acknowledged. Open loop, X10 communication has no built-in mechanism to verify that X10 message got through from sender to the desired receiver.
Speed of operation Faster by a factor of 48 compare to X10 (sends 24 bits of information at each powerline zero crossing, once every 8.33 ms) slower (sends only 1/2 bit)
Address and command space supports 16 million addresses and 65 thousand commands supports 256 addresses and 16 commands
Device support 24 bit pre-assigned module ID address and hence supports 16777216 devices in a network Supports 256 different X10 devices on single powerline

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