INSTEON vs HomePlug-difference between INSTEON and HomePlug

This page covers basic comparison between INSTEON and HomePlug technologies. It covers difference between INSTEON and HomePlug technologies.

Specifications INSTEON HomePlug
Standards INSTEON is a trademark of INSTEON,CA. 1. High speed broadband information transfer over powerline
2. Green PHY(for lower BW powerline signaling)
Data rate 13165 bps(Inst. powerline) , 2880 bps(sustained powerline), 38400bps(Inst. RF) 14 Mbps (HomePlug 1.0) , 200 Mbps (HomePlug AV)
coexistence INSTEON is a home command and control network HomePlug uses the powerline for advanced computer networking and media transport, On the powerline itself, the two signals do not interfere with each other, so there is no problem with coexistence. Both technologies have no overlap in the marketplace.

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