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IQ Mixer basics

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It is widely used in point to point radios, satecom, sensors and test & measurement applications. It is used as image reject mixer, single sideband frequency converter, IQ demodulator, IQ modulator etc.

IQ mixer is usually made up of GaAs HBT shottky diode. Before we dig into I/Q mixer refer what is I/Q data.

IQ mixer operation or working

IQ mixer

As shown in the figure, IQ mixer takes modulated RF signal as input. It generates I/Q signal as outputs by beating RF input with LO input.

I and Q ports will have output designated as IF1 and IF2 respectively. Usually DC to some frequency range can be output at these ports such as DC to 5 GHz etc.

IQ mixer Specifications

Following specifications need to be consider while purchasing the IQ mixer:
• Frequency of operation at RF, LO and IF1/IF2 ports
• Image rejection (in dB)
• LO to RF isolation
• LO to IF isolation
• RF to IF isolation
• Conversion gain
• IIP3(dBm)

RF Mixer Manufacturers

• Hittite Microwave
• Linear technology
Also READ our page in the vendors section for rf mixer manufacturers or suppliers.

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