Hybrid Ring S-Matrix | Hybrid Ring scattering matrix

This page describes Hybrid Ring S-Matrix (scattering matrix). It also covers basics of Hybrid Ring along with its S-matrix.

What is Hybrid Ring?

It is 180o hybrid having 4 ports as shown in the figure. It is also called as hybrid ring coupler.

Hybrid Ring

The figure-1 depicts Hybrid Ring. As shown it has four ports which are λ/4 away from the other in the top half of the hybrid ring (i.e. between P1 and P2, P2 and P3, P3 and P4). In the bottom half of the hybrid ring P1 and P4 ports are 3*λ/4 wavelengths away from each other. It is also called rat race coupler.

Hybrid Ring S-Matrix | Hybrid Ring Applications

The Hybrid Ring S-matrix is as follows.

Rat Race Coupler S-Matrix

Refer advantages and applications of Rat Race Coupler >> or hybrid ring.

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