HDMI to VGA converter | VGA to HDMI converter

This page describes HDMI to VGA converter and VGA to HDMI converter.It mentions links to HDMI over USB.

HDMI to VGA converter

HDMI to VGA converter

Figure-1 depicts simple HDMI to VGA converter. It converts HDMI compliant signal levels to VGA compliant signal levels. This is required when you have HDMI on one system and VGA on another system and you would like to interface both of these different interface types together as a system. The interface cable will have male connectors on both the sides to match with female connectors available on the systems/devices. Following table-1 mentions HDMI pin descriptions and signal designations.

HDMI connector pins
Table-1: HDMI Pins

Following table-2 mentions VGA pin descriptions and signal designations.

VGA connector pins
Table-2:VGA Side Pins

VGA to HDMI converter

VGA to HDMI converter

The VGA to HDMI converter does reverse of the above functionality. It converts VGA compliant signal levels to HDMI compliant signal levels. The same cable as mentioned above can be used with proper mating connectors.

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