Difference Ferrite diode,P-I-N diode-Ferrite and P-I-N diode

This page compares ferrite diode vs P-I-N diode and describes difference between ferrite diode and P-I-N diode.Advantages and disadvantages of ferrite and semiconductor control devices are also mentioned.

As we know switches, attenuators and phase shifters are the control devices which are used to provide control of amplitude/phase of RF signal in the microwave circuits.

These control devices are constructed with the use of ferrite devices or solid state devices. P-I-N diodes and FETs are most common solid state devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ferrite control devices

Advantages: These devices are heavy in weight, slow in operation and expensive.
Disadvantages:They have high power handling and low loss.

The advantages of solid state control devices are smaller in size, fast in switching and are inexpensive. Due to these features they are widely used for various applications.

Difference between Ferrite diode and P-I-N diode

Following table mentions major difference between control devices such as ferrite diode and P-I-N diode.

Specifications Ferrite Diode P-I-N Diode
Speed of operation Slow, in msec range Fast, in µsec range
Loss Lower, About 0.2 dB Higher, About 0.5 dB
Cost Higher Lower
Weight More Less
Driver construction Complicated Simple
Size of device Large Small
Power Handling High Low

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