FTTC vs FTTN vs FTTH vs FTTP-Difference between FTTC,FTTN,FTTH,FTTP

This page compares FTTC vs FTTN vs FTTH vs FTTP and mentions difference between FTTC, FTTN, FTTH and FTTP.

These terms are used to refer for the systems which are capable to support different types of services which include voice, video and data. The different architectures are FTTC, FTTN, FTTH, FTTP.


• Full form of FTTC is Fiber to the Curb.
• This architecture type runs till platform which serves several customers. The different subscribers seeking service are connected to the platform by means of twisted pair or coaxial cable.
• The different subscribers will have different data rates based on their respective distances from platform.
• FTTC is placed close to the curb with area of about 300 meters in radius.


• It is similar to FTTC.
• Full form of FTTN is Fiber to the Node.
• FTTN is placed far away from the subscriber premises. It covers distance of about 1.5 km radius. This is the only difference from FTTC.
• This architecture runs till cabinet which serves neighborhood. Customers are connected either using coaxial cable or twisted pair to the cabinet. Data rates vary based on distance.


• Full form of FTTH is Fiber to the Home.
• It the architecture which covers path from operator to subscriber's home or office. The operator houses all the optical switching equipments as required for operation.
• There are two types of FTTH networks viz. AON (Active Optical Network) and PON (Passive Optical Network).
Refer FTTH Tutotial➤ which covers FTTH network arhitecture and network configurations.


• Full form of FTTP is Fiber to the Premises.
• This architecture runs till premises of the customer.
• It uses copper wires or coaxial cable for connection.
• FTTP can be categorized based on upto what distance fiber is connected in the subscriber premises.

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