FBMC vs UFMC vs GFDM-Difference between FBMC,UFMC and GFDM 5G Waveforms

This page compares FBMC vs UFMC vs GFDM waveforms used in 5G and mentions difference between FBMC, UFMC and GFDM 5G waveforms.

All these techniques have been designed and implemented to overcome limitations of 5G technology, one of them is spectral re-growth.

FBMC vs UFMC vs GFDM 5G waveforms

Figure-1 depicts comparison between LTE and 5G waveforms. As shown 5G waveforms i.e. FBMC, UFMC and GFDM are sharper than LTE power spectrum waveform.

Waveform LTE (scrambler ON) LTE (scrambler OFF) FBMC UFMC GFDM
PAPR for PN9 12.15 dB 10.13 dB 8.14 dB 10.44 dB 13.24 dB
PAPR for PN15 11.34 dB 12.89 dB 13.25 dB 14.02 dB 13.17 dB
PAPR for PN20 11.18 dB 17.18 dB 17.36 dB 14.63 dB 17.13 dB
PAPR for PN23 11.11 dB 17.56 dB 17.27 dB 14.74 dB 17.76 dB

The table-1 mentions PAPR of LTE (20MHz Bandwidth signal) and 5G waveforms e.g. FBMC, UFMC and GFDM with respect to different PN sequences. These results have been obtained using Rohde & Schwarz 5G Vector Signal Generator and 5G Vector Signal analyzer/spectrum analyzer. The results are very useful for power amplifier characterization. Let us understand these waveforms.

FBMC-Filter Bank Multi Carrier

FBMC transmitter

• The figure-2 depicts FBMC Transmitter block diagram.
• FBMC is the short form of Filter Bank Multicarrier.
• Non adjacent subcarriers are separated perfectly.
• No CP (Cyclic Prefix) needed and hence there is improvement in spectral efficiency.
• Filtering is applied in frequency domain.
• Here non-orthogonal multicarrier modulation technique OQAM is used.
• The ISI problem due to overlapping of time symbols is solved due to OQAM modulation.
• For 64-QAM FBMC waveform performs better than OFDM.

UFMC-Universal Filtered Multicarrier

UFMC Transmitter Receiver

• UFMC is the short form of Universal Filtered Multicarrier.
• UFMC is complex similar to OFDM and uses same OFDM processing chain. Unlike OFDM, filters are used in UFMC after IDFT modules.
• Figure-3 depicts transmitter and receiver part of UFMC.

GFDM-Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing used in 5G technology

GFDM signal properties

• GFDM is the short form of Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing.
• It uses multi dimensional block structure with CP (Cyclic Prefix).
• Circular signal structure (in time & frequency)
• Pulse shaped sub-carriers
• Overlapping sub-carriers
• OQAM is used in GFDM


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