What is EnOcean?

This page covers about EnOcean wireless technology. It covers EnOcean technology basics used in M2M and IoT(Internet of Things).

EnOcean is a wireless technology compliant to energy harvesting. It delivers high data rate at low energy consumption. It takes care of multiple simultaneously transmitting devices. More than about 50 manufacturing companies have already created about 200 EnOcean compliant products. It is specified in International Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10.

Following table summarizes the key features/specifications of the EnOcean wirelss technology.

Specification/feature EnOcean support
Frequency range 868.3 MHz or 315 MHz(world wide)
Radio regulation R&TTE EN 300220, FCC CFR-47(part-15)
Transmit power 6dBm typical. at antenna input
Receiver sensitivity -97dBm typical
Modulation scheme ASK
Data Rate 125(Kbyte/Sec)
Channel Bandwidth 280KHz
Min. telegram length(ms) 0.6
Transmit time 40 ms(typically) for 3 identical telegrams
Energy need extremly low (including startup)
Risk of data collision Very low
Battery less radio transmitter Yes

EnOcean wireless technology basics in M2M and IoT

EnOcean system

The figure depicts typical EnOcean system. As mentioned unlike other wireless systems EnOcean system devices do not require battery for operation. Wireless sensors use motion converters, solar cells and also thermo converters for energy harvesting.

Moreover with efficient energy management EnOcean transmits information with the use of radio with minimum amount of energy. EnOcean protocol stack is modular and versatile and hence customer applications are easily integrated with it.

Typical EnOcean chip will have energy converter, energy management, sensor, microcontroller, RF transceiver and antenna.

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