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EV Charging Socket types | Type 1, Type 2 charging cables

This page describes EV charging socket types and EV charging cable types. It mentions feature wise difference between type 1 charging cable, type 2 charging cable, type 3 charging cable and type 4 charging cable.

EV Charging station types or vehicle inlet describes actual connector being used. Sockets can be designated with following terminologies.
• Socket is used on charging station side.
• Plug is used on cable towards charging station side.
• Inlet is used on EV.
• Connector is used on the cable towards EV.

EV charging cable type 1

EV charging cable type 1

• Type 1 is known as Single phase vehicle coupler. It is also known as SAE1772 due to corresponding US standard.
• This connector/inlet pair is used in US and Japan.
• This standard is limited to single phase due to unavailability of 3-phase in US/Japan. It uses less power output compare to type-2.
• In this type-1, charging cable is permanently fixed to the charging station.
• Connector has five pins which include two AC wires, earth and two signal pins. The signal pins are used for proximity detection and for control pilot function.

EV charging cable type 2

EV charging cable type 2

• Type 2 is used as Single and three phase vehicle coupler. It is known as "Mennekes".
• The connector/inlet and plug/socket pairs are used in Europe.
• Type 2 supports higher power rating than type 1 in single phase and three phase charging.
• The charging cable is detachable and hence can be used to charge both type 1 and type 2 charging stations.

EV charging cable type 3

• It is used as single and three phase vehicle coupler equipped with safety shutters.
• The contacts are physically covered by non-conductive cover when not in use.
• The type 3 is preferred over type 1 and type 2 as its outlets have shutters. These shutters are mandatory in UK to prevent children from touching live parts.
• It is used in France and Italy.

EV charging cable type 4

• It is used as fast charge coupler. It is also known as CHAdeMO.
• This type 4 connector is used for EV charging in Japan and Europe.
• Unlike type 1 and type 2 , type 4 connection uses CAN bus protocol for signaling.
• It is used for quick charging with upto 62.5 KW of high voltage direct current.
• It is a form of DC Fast Charge. It is used for high-voltage (i.e. up to 500 VDC) and high-current (i.e. 125 A) applications using JARI DC fast charge connector.

Also refer EV charging modes >> which describes different EV charging modes used in EV charging.


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