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EV Charging Levels | EV Level 1 charging,EV Level 2 charging,Level 3

This page covers EV Charging Levels which includes EV charging level 1, EV charging level 2 and EV charging level 3. It describes AC charging system and DC charging system with block diagrams of each. The feature wise difference between EV charging levels have also been described.

EV charging system consists of charger control unit, charging cable and vehicle control unit. There are three ways of charging the battery of the EV (Electric Vehicle) viz. conductive charging, inductive charging and replacing the battery.

In conductive charging, EV connector and charger inlet are directly connected. The cable is fed from standard electrical outlet or charging station.
In inductive charging, EV and charging infrastructure are not directly connected. They are connected via EM (Electromagnetic) wave coupling. The third option requires to swap discharged batteries with fresh and new batteries.

AC Charging System Levels

There are difference sub types in AC charging viz. level 1 and level 2 as described below.

EV charging level 1

EV charging level 1

• It allows EV to be connected to most common grounded electrical receptacle (NEMA 5-15R).
• It is known as Home charging.
• In this method, vehicle is connected with on board charger which is capable of accepting energy from existing AC supply network.

EV charging level 2

EV charging level 2

• This method utilizes dedicated AC.
• EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is used either at private or public locations.
• In this method, vehicle is connected with on board charger which is capable of accepting energy from alternating current EVSE.
• It is known as fast AC charging.
• It uses either 7 KW (32A single phase) or 21 KW (three phase) level.
• It is used at home, workplace and public charging facilities.

DC Charging System

EV DC Charging System

• It utilizes dedicated DC EV supply equipment to provide energy from appropriate off board charger to EV in either private or public locations.
• It is known as fast DC charging.
• It is used upto 50KW i.e. battery can be charged in 20 minutes from empty to 80% full.


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