Digital X-Ray vs MRI | Difference between Digital X-Ray and MRI

This page compares Digital X-Ray vs MRI and mentions basic difference between digital X-Ray and MRI system.

Digital X-Ray System

Following are the features of Digital X-Ray System:
• Conventional old X-rays have been detected with the use of film initially.
• Digital X-ray has replaced film detectors with the solid state sensor devices which include line scan detectors and flat panels.
• Flat panel detectors uses two methods viz. direct and indirect conversions.
• The direct conversion techique converts High frequency X-ray photons into electronic current with the help of selenium array. The indirect conversion has two steps. In the first step, X-ray photons are converted into visible light using cesium iodide scintillator. In the second step, visible light is converted into electronic current using silicon photodiode array.
• The digital X-ray multiplexes multiple channels at higher sampling rates into single ADC converter.
• It offers enhanced images, accurate diagnoses, short scan time, less exposure to X-ray dosages.
• Depending upon application frequency is chosen. For example few Hertz sampling rate is used for bones and teeth while about 120 Hz is used to capture image of the heart of the baby in real time.
• Digital X-Ray operates from frequency of 1016 Hz to 1018 range.
• Digital X-Ray and CT scan subjects patients to ionizing radiation. This will damage the living tissue.
• They are used for madical diagnostics in the field of oncology, veterinary, dentistry and other imaging medical applications.

MRI System

Following are the features of MRI System:
• The image captured using MRI system provides higher contrast on soft tissues.
• It does not expose the body to ionizing radiation.
• It is used for brain imaging. It is also used for angiographic, orthopedic and other vascular studies.
• MRI system operates between 1 MHz to 100 MHz band.

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