Difference between edge computing and fog computing

This page compares edge computing vs fog computing and mentions difference between edge computing and fog computing. The tabular difference between edge and fog computing is also mentioned.

What is Edge Computing?

The edge computing is optimization of cloud to move the compute closer to the data source where data is being generated.

Edge computing refers to delivery of computing capabilities of the network to improve performance, operating cost and reliability of applications and services. Edge computing uses nodes where data processing takes place known as "Edge Nodes". The figure depicts edge computing architecture.

Edge Computing Architecture
Image Courtesy : IEEE

Edge computing is used in numerous applications which include surveillance, IoT (Internet of Things), automatic cars, Industry 4.0, healthcare and financial services etc. Refer advantages and disadvantages of EDGE COMPUTING >>.

What is Fog Computing?

Fog computing architecture

Fog extends the cloud close to the devices which produce or generate the data. The devices are called fog nodes. The device with network connection, storage and computing feature is known as fog node. Examples include switches, controllers, routers, servers, cameras and so on. The fog computing is also called edge computing.

Fog computing is maily used for following.
• To analyze most time sensitive data at the edge of the network close to where they are generated rather than sending huge amount of data to the cloud. It acts on IoT data in milliseconds.
• To send selected data to the cloud for analysis and long term storage.
• To provide services to large number of devices spread across large geographical region.
• To address devices subjected to extreme conditions.
• Refer Fog computing tutorial >> for more information.

Difference between Edge computing and fog computing

Following table mentions difference between edge computing and fog computing.

Requirements Edge Computing Fog Computing
Scalability Less scalable than fog computing More scalable than edge computing
Sub-set It is sub-set of fog computing domain. It is sub-set of cloud computing domain.
Nodes distance Edge nodes are located farther away from cloud. Fog nodes are located closer to the cloud.
Security concern on data attack Very low probability High Probability of data attack
Number of nodes (Capacity) Billions Millions
Overall bandwidth requirement on internet highway Very low as data is originated at the edge nodes themselves. High, data is transported to the medium after origination.
Latency Higher Very low

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