Difference between RF amplifier and RF oscillator

This page compares RF amplifier vs RF oscillator and describes difference between RF amplifier and RF oscillator with respect to various comparison parameters.

RF amplifier

The device which amplifies RF signals as per desired level is called RF amplifier. It helps to increase power level of the signal as required to meet link budget requirement or to allow proper functioning of the devices in its line up.

rf power amplifier

The figure depicts 5W SSPA used in VSAT system. It is made of discrete MMIC amplifier ICs. RF amplifier is used to provide gain to signal before transmission to antenna. Moreover it is used to provide gain to signal after reception and to maintain SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).
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RF Oscillator

The device which generates stable RF signal is called RF Oscillator. It is used to generate RF carrier signal required in a modem (modulator-demodulator) or to generate LO (Local Oscillator) signal required in a transceiver.

wein bridge oscillator

Figure depicts wein bridge oscillator made of op-amp, resistors and capacitors. Frequency equation for wein bridge oscillator is mentioned below.
➨f = 1/2*π*(R3*R4*C1*C2)0.5

It is made either using L (Inductor) and C (Capacitor) components or R (Resistor) and C components. The other oscillators are colpitts oscillator, clapps oscillator, Hartley Oscillator and crystal oscillator.
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