MAP Sensor Vs MAF Sensor-Difference between MAP Sensor and MAF Sensor

This page compares MAP sensor vs MAF sensor and mentions difference between MAP sensor and MAF sensor.

MAP Sensor

• MAP sensor is the short form of Manifold Absolute Pressure.
• It measures vaccum or pressure in intake manifold.
• It is used in older fuel injection engine.
• It uses hose to measure vaccum pressure within intake manifold.
• MAP sensor indicates pressure changes to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). ECU consecutively decreases or increases fuel injection.

MAF Sensor

Mass Airflow Sensor

• MAF sensor is the short form of Mass Airflow Sensor.
• It measures mass of air entering the engine.
• It is used in latest fuel injection engine.
• MAF sensor uses hot wire to measure air volume and air density which is entering the intake manifold. The ECU uses this information to maintain fuel mixture ratio of 14.7:1.
Refer MAF Sensor Basics and Working➤.

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