KW vs KWH | Difference between KW (Kilowatt) and KWH (Kilowatt Hour)

This page compares KW (Kilowatt) vs KWH(Kilowatt Hour) and mention difference between KW (Kilowatt) and KWH (Kilowatt Hour).

• KW-Kilowatt: It is measure of how powerful & how fast something will consume electricity.

• It is related to power.

• Other measurements of power are Watt, Joule/Sec, Horse-Power, erg/s, BTU/h

• KWH-Kilowatt Hour: It is measure of how much fuel device will consume or use.

• It is related to energy

• Other measurements of Energy are Calorie, Joule, BTU, therm, eV

Let us convert power in Kilowatt to energy consumption in Kilowatt Hour.

Energy usage over time is useful to derive electrical bill for the consumers as per their consumption by electricity company. Following equation will determine KWH from KW for duration of one month i.e. 30 days.

➨Energy = Power x Time
➨Energy consumption in KWH = KW x Duration in Hours/day x days/month

Difference between Power and Energy

Energy is like distance and power is like speed.
Refer Power Vs Energy➤ which describes difference between power and energy.

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