2D LED vs 3D LED | Difference between 2D LED and 3D LED

This page compares 2D LED vs 3D LED and mentions difference between 2D LED and 3D LED.

Initially LED applications were very limited. It has been used in fiber optic cable at the transmit end. Now-a-days LEDs have been used extensively in emergency lights, bulbs, smart cars, decoration lighting products etc.
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2D LED vs 3D LED

Aledia designs, develops and manufactures 3D LED and LED based products. The figure is courtesy from Aledia.

Following table compares 2D LED and 3D LED with respect to various comparison factors or specifications as outlined below.

The left side of figure depicts 2D LED structure. The right side of figure depicts 3D LED structure.
It is known as planar LED. It is known as microwire LED.
It uses small, expensive substrate. It uses large, economical substrate.
Developed using slow MOCVD growth process. Developed using fast MOCVD growth process.
It has high capital expenditure for manufacturing. It has low capital expenditure for manufacturing.
Material consumption is higher. Material consumption is lower.
LED specific manufacturing plants are needed. Existing high volume silicon wafer fabs can be used.
Light emission area is almost equivalent to most of the 2D visible area. Light emission area is about 3 times of the 2D LED area. This will have more light/mm2 or less current density & less efficiency droop.
2D LEDs are available with single colour on one single wafer. 3D LEDs are available with multiple colours on one single wafer or even on one chip.
It emits lights on two dimensions. It emits lights on three dimensions.


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