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Diesel engine vs Petrol engine-Difference between Diesel engine and Petrol engine

This page on Diesel engine vs Petrol engine describes basic Difference between Diesel engine and Petrol engine types.

As we know heat engine converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. Heat engines are classified into various types. The one based on type of fuel used is classified into Diesel engine, Petrol engine and Gas engine.

Following table mentions comparison between these heat engine types with respect to various features.

Diesel Engine Petrol Engine
It has no carburetor, ignition coil and spark plug. It has carburetor, ignition coil and spark plug.
Compression ratio vary from 14:1 to 22:1 Compression ratio vary from 5:1 to 8:1
It uses diesel oil as fuel. It uses petrol or power kerosine as fuel.
Only air is sucked in cylinder in suction stroke. Mixture of fuel and air is sucked in cylinder in suction stroke.
It has fuel injection pump and injector. It has no fuel injection pump and injector, instead it has got carburetor and ignition coil.
Fuel is injected in combustion chamber where burning of fuel takes place due to heat of compression. Air fuel mixture is compressed in the combustion chamber when it is ignited by electric spark.
Thermal efficiency varies from 32 to 38 %. Thermal efficiency varies from 25 to 32 %.
Engine weight per horse power is high. Engine weight per horse power is comparatively low.
Operating cost is low. Operating cost is high.
Compression pressure inside the cylinder varies from 35 to 45 Kg/Cm2 and temperature is about 500 degreeC. Compression pressure varies from 6 to 10 Kg/Cm2 and temperature is above 260 degreeC.


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