Data Speed vs Channel Bandwidth

This page Data Speed vs Channel Bandwidth describes difference between Data Speed and Channel Bandwidth.

In data communication, amount of information to be transmitted through channel is proportional to the bandwidth of the channel. For voice it need about 3KHz,while for music it needs about 15 to 20KHz due to high frequencies and harmonics present in the music. For TV it further requires more bandwidth about 4MHz.

Where, C is the channel capacity in bits per second(bps) and B is the channel bandwidth in Hz.

For multiple level of modulation/encoding based systems, equation is as below.
C=2B log2 N
Where, N is the number of encoding levels per time interval.

Shannon-Hartley theorem

Practically each channel will introduce some noise and the same need to be considered while calculating channel capacity. Hence as per Shannon-Hartley equation will be as mentioned below.

C= B log2 (1 + S/N)
Where, C = Channel Capacity, bits/s
B= Bandwidth in Hz
S/N = Signal to Noise Power Ratio

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