Data Communication vs. Voice Communication

This page on Data Communication versus Voice communication describes difference between data communication and voice communication.

Data Communication Voice Communication
Requires connection set up time of about 1 sec or less Requires connection set up time of about 1 sec to 1 minute.
one or two way communication based on application(FTP/browsing/VOIP) mostly two way communication
data received is error free, in case of errors either retransmission is initiated or it is corrected using FEC techniques. voice received is with noise and degradation in quality
transmission usually is in the form of bursts transmission is continuous due to real time operation needed for voice
Data can be stored in database servers and tranmitted based on congestion and application(sms,email) not tolerant of transmission delays and hence to be transmitted in real time
connection may be required for 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week in certain applications such as ATM cash machine Connection duration is limited to several minutes
May require wide range of bandwidths May require a fixed bandwidth of about 4KHz

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